Hypnosis can help you with:
  • Overcome insomnia and increase restful sleep without sleeping pills
  • Increase motivation, concentration, memory, boost brainpower, unblock creativity, and performance
  • Reduce anger, anxiety, tension, fatigue, stress and depression
  • Increase self- esteem and heal emotional pain
  • Stop smoking or other addictions for life
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Overcome fears or other phobias such as flying or the fear of public speaking
  • Decrease pain and expedite the healing process without reliance on pain medication.

What is hypnosis:

Hypnosis offers powerful medicine to improve your life, increase health and release hidden potential. It is a holistic, gentle approach to self-discovery that harnesses oneís subconscious talent. Researchers believe that hypnosis alters brain chemicals that influence the nervous, hormonal and immune systems.

Hypnosis takes place in a safe, warm environment, after a state of relaxation is attained. Customized suggestions for change and deep healing are given and recorded for use at home. You will learn specific principles of transformation to change limiting beliefs and enhance personal growth. Break through your barriers to success today.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

EMDR can help you with:
  • With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms
  • Such as nightmares, fears and anger
  • Combat veterans
  • Persons with phobias and panic disorder
  • Crime victims and police officers or firefighters
  • Excessive grief
  • People exposed to natural disasters
  • Sexual assault victims.
  • Burn and accident victims

What is EMDR:

Is an empirically validated treatment for mental health problems that stem from loss, trauma or abuse. Instead of spending months or even years for victims of trauma can now get results in as little as a single session of EMDR. It has been endorsed by the Department of the Defense and the Veterans Administration for the management of PTSD.

Trauma can overwhelm the brain and itís chemistry, creating stress hormones like adrenaline that can shrivel the hippocampus as it goes into survival mode. The helplessness of being victimized blocks problem solving and learning from experience. Emotions often become repressed or cut off. EMDR brings them to the surface and recreates alternative networks and healing to the hippocampus so that it can be restored to normal. Trauma is no longer imprinted on the brain after the painful memories are digested so that the disabling emotions associated with the events are neutralized and dissipated.

After the therapist asks clients to envision a safe place and reviews self care tools, she visualizes her trauma, then the therapist has the client focus on hand movements, sounds or taps create eye movements similar to those of REM Sleep (the deep sleep stage when we dream and process events). The therapist goes at a pace and intensity that is calm and gentle.

One client described it like a laser bean that blasts through old stuck places. 2/3 of those who participated in a study made huge improvements and were able to distance themselves from the traumatic experience. Enjoy life and their relationships, increase optimism.

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Sonoma State University

Emotional Regulation and Relational Growth: Techniques and Practices for Prevention and Intervention
Spring 2007 (course: COUN 800) and Fall 2008

Emotional Regulation and Relational Growth: Techniques and Practices for Prevention and Intervention

The class is one of five required for the Child/Infant Mental Health certificate

Santa Rosa Junior College

Baby Boomers in Transition: Navigating Life Changes
Saturday 3/07/2009  10 a.m. – Noon
1509 Emeritus Hall, Santa Rosa Campus

Volunteer Center of Sonoma County

The Second Half of Life
A Planning Workshop
Saturday Jan 31, 2009 10 a.m.- 12 noon
153 Stony Circle,  suite 100A Santa Rosa,  CA
call 568-4015


Betty is a frequent presenter nationwide for non-profits, hospitals, colleges, the military, businesses and conferences.


  • Balance Between Family, Career and Self.
  • Parenting Grown Children: How to Give Love and Support without Meddling or Enabling.
  • Handling Disappointment and Loss in the Workplace
  • Holiday Stress Reduction
  • When Bad Things Happen to Good People

Grown children traveling the world through Semester At Sea
    Grown children traveling the world through Semester At Sea

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