“Finally a sound well-written book about a universal but long-neglected subject.”
M. Scott Peck M.D.

“Thank you for helping me to look at my problems as an opportunity to gain understanding for myself and for my children and grandchildren.”
A. R., Sebastopol

“Therapy with you has helped me to find more meaning in my life. I feel more mature and no longer fall back into habitual negative patterns.”
S.B, Cotati

“I had it together and then lost it all when my world shattered. Your assistance helped me to gain clarity and strength to recreate my life.”
T.N., Santa Rosa

“Thanks for helping me stick with it. I made friends with myself and no longer run from the difficult issues in my life.”
S.B., Petaluma

“Betty is a genuinely caring and intelligent person whose tenderness and compassion is coupled with a formidable intellect. This wonderful combination creates a powerful and skilled professional”
J.E., Santa Barbara


“This is a marvelous book. I certainly agree with many of the things you have pointed out in your book and I think it is excellent.”
F. Fuller Royal.  M.D. Las Vegas NV

“I stayed up until 1 a.m. reading your book I have three words to say about it- excellent-excellent-excellent. You have managed to convey so much with such diplomacy and in such a loving spirit.”
Christie Achor Petaluma CA

“Your book is a Healing Force for anyone who reads it.”
F. Fuller Royal.  M.D. Las Vegas NV

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your book. It has been helpful and pertinent in my life and I have shared it with several friends and clients. THANK YOU.”
Linda Bearer Tuttle, MFT Santa Maria CA and author of Me Be Happy.

“I am enjoying reading your book.  It’s clear (no psychobabble), interesting and enjoyable.  The case examples bring it down to earth.”
Tony Madrid Ph.D. Clinical Director, Russian River Counselors Monte Rio CA

“Thank you so much for your wonderful book! Very important topic and very important for parents and their co-dependence!”
Linnda Durre’ Ph.D., Dreams come True Enterprises, Winter Park FL

“I want to acknowledge what a contribution I believe the publication of your book is. I expected to read it from the perspective of a parent of a grown child, but the greater value it has held for me is in analyzing and reflecting on being the grown daughter. The boo is so well written, thought provoking and usable.”
Doris Klein Children’s Hospital, Denver CO

Faint Book Cover

Faint Book Cover

Faint Book Cover

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